October 16th, 2003



(That's how Anders refers to my LJ :)

Anders just sent me this, which engenders an immediate WTF response:

Open a Word document and type

= rand (200,99)

Press Enter

Be careful not to click on PRINT.
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President George Bush has been complaining about "the filter" of national media, which garbles his feel-good all's-well-in-Iraq message by reporting on the car bombings, the killed-in-action Americans, the fleeing foreign aid workers, the internal White House investigations and recriminations, etc.

So this week, he and others in his Administration will be going around "the filter" to give interviews with local newspapers and small television stations. The idea is that journalists not used to dealing with Presidents and Cabinet secretaries will be more easily awed and deferential. In other words: We've reached the point in our Iraq adventure where the President de facto admits his policies can't stand up to even basic media scrutiny -- his only hope is to avoid questions, because he can't really answer them.

Read more: Daily Outrage at The Nation
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Thank God It's Almost Friday :)

Anders and the kids made homemade pizzas for dinner, just as I was heading out the door for social circle at Sigurborg's. I wanted to stay so badly...but, commitments... :( argh

Anyway, it was a nice evening, even though I was the only other member of the AWC there. Sigurborg had invited 3 of her neighbors (1 didn't show) and another woman from Iceland who is planning on joining. We spoke Swedish the entire time, and each one of them at some point complimented me on my Swedish. I'm really beginning to wonder when the statute of limitations on how duktig I am with Swedish is going to run out. I've been here nearly seven years and still, people are impressed. :) They were all very nice, and the food was decent and now I'm tired and just want to go to bed.

This weekend is another busy one (more cleaning), although we don't have anything in the evenings, which I'm glad about. I'm craving one of those weekends where I didn't have to go anywhere or see ANYONE or do anything but sleep in, eat lunch, read on the sofa, watch a movie, cuddle with the cats (boo HOO!) and go to bed late. Maybe after Christmas, things will settle down. (SHUT UP tiny voice in my head saying yeah, right!)


Choir last night was great fun. We worked on a Christmas song and a cool cool song that I love singing, called "Titania" where the melody weaves around through each section. It's great fun to sing, especially now that we've pretty much got it nailed. I gave our choir leader Eva a copy of my favorite modern Christmas song to see if she would consider it for our Christmas term. It's called Were You There on That Christmas Night? My favorite traditional Christmas song is O Come, All Ye Faithful :) and my favorite time of year to sing it is in the middle of the summer.

Of course, thinking about Christmas carols isn't complete without a chorus of

We three kings of orient are
puffing on a giant cigar
it was loaded
it exploded!


Sushi & crafting with gale_storm ahead, yahoo!
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