October 17th, 2003



I thought I was just getting used to it and didn't hear it anymore, but it turns out the woman that owns the farm behind us has "eliminated" one of her roosters. His constant crowing, 24-7, and egging on all the other birds finally did him in. I can't believe it took nearly TWO years for her to do something about it. Someone must have complained. It wasn't us, I swear, even though the constant crowing, starting around 5 a.m., and continuing throughout the day had us daydreaming rather frequently about coq au vin.

I saw today as I stood pumping gas at the gas station behind our old house that the new tenants have CUT DOWN ALL THE TREES in the backyard. :( A little apple, a little pear, and a huge wonderful blood beech. I hope they were sick or something and not just in the way.

Countdown to sushi: 2.5 hours
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