October 24th, 2003



I'm at Hotel Tylösand, on the west coast of Sweden, relaxing. We had a work event during the day, a conference at which we discussed our company culture, which has come to us top down, from the management team, who has decided what our core values will be. They are
  • passion
  • respect
  • responsibility
No one agrees with "passion," and we've suggested several alternatives: enthusiasm, motivation, engagement, commitment...but they keep insisting that passion is the right word for what they want their employees to feel for their work, their products, the company and our customers. Umm.

Had an hour long massage awhile ago, and feel all loose and mellow. We have dinner at 8:30 p.m. and then are going to be hanging out in Leif's Lounge. I forgot to bring a leisure suit with me, though.