November 4th, 2003



WHY do I have to tear up or cry when I get REALLY mad?! I'm so pissed at work right now I could scream.
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First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who commented on my earlier post today. It's nice to know that people notice and care when something bad happens, even if it's just shit at work making me crazy. Because I didn't have time to post during the day and was uncomfortable writing about it while AT work, I'm a little behind on commenting on my friends' entries, so:

reebert, your new haircut is flattering and gorgeous! :)
jes6ica, isn't proofreading fun? Chemical intelligence sounds like what most drunks have.
jema, we're reading Lovely Bones for book club at my house next week, and since I recommended it, I can't wait. I couldn't stop reading it either, despite the horrific beginning. Have you read Lucky, her first book?
carrieb, wanting to pop your own eyeballs out of your head is definitely not normal, but I can certainly understand the wish :) I've wanted to remove my head when I've had migraines, but remembered just in time I'd probably need it later.
same_sky and totte, you two crack me up! Thanks for the much-needed laugh today.
ozswede and tallefjantand idahoswede, what a nice morning you must have had! Makes me wish I lived closer to Stockholm (or Örebro) so I could have scored some muffin like Lambi!

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This was NOT what I was planning on writing about today.
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