November 16th, 2003



It's about as grey as it can be outside without a blanket of fog. When Ericsson was in the middle of the product launch for their first Bluetooth headset, I was asked to come up with color names for the product description*. You would think there aren't that many ways to describe grey, but you'd be wrong. Knowing a lot of different ways to describe grey comes in handy when living in Sweden, at least when it comes to the weather.

I'm sending my children off to terrorize some other poor mother on her day of rest and not feeling the slightest bit guilty about it. Plan on racing into Malmö to exchange Anders' Father's Day sweater as well. Too bad Gray's isn't open, or I'd pick up the stuffing I've got on hold as well. However, it's probably just as well that they aren't because I always spend a fortune on American comfort junk food when I go there, and god knows I have neither the money nor the need for it. Although, an evil little voice in the back of my head is currently yelling, "Comfort, Schmomfort, CHEETOS! POP-TARTS! DORITOS!" Shut up, you.

Since cooking group was cancelled this afternoon, perhaps I can actually play with my collage book for awhile. It probably won't remember who I am, and will draw back in suspicion, eyeing me sideways.

My husband is in Chicago this weekend and I'm not. :(

*"Silver Grey" and "Dove Grey" in case you were wondering.
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My daughter has been singing the refrain all day to the Netherlands entry from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The song is about Dick—a friend of the singer's mother. As the result of a cerebral haemorrhage Dick is completely paralyzed. He can only blink his eyes and uses them to communicate with other people. It was called "Mijn ogen zeggen alles" (My eyes will tell), which Karin has been rendering as "mina ögon säger Alice" :)

Scored 4 books while in town shopping, and not one of them was on my book list (sorry, Mom!) They're all hugely thick and I'm pretty excited about them. Gaiman's American Gods is one I've been wondering about after enjoying Coraline and Stardust. Although they compare him to Steven King on the back cover, which isn't necessarily a good thing.

Picked up the kids at 2:30 and we've been having a quiet afternoon at home, with them playing and me dozing on the couch. Luxury! :) I've got plenty of things to do but no motivation at the moment. At least there were no gloating phone calls from my brother over the latest home-baked goodness from Simone. Yesterday it was fresh-out-of-the-oven banana bread with chocolate chips in.
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