November 21st, 2003



I don't care if you have worked 25 years at the same place and just received a gold watch to prove it, or that you have just stuffed yourself silly on good food and drink and are enjoying your coffee and cognac. When the entertainment takes the stage to perform for you, shut your yap and listen. Would it kill you to be polite for 15 minutes?!

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If you're up past your bedtime, raise your hand!

Got home at 10:40 p.m. from Social Circle, which was nice, even if too damn far away. (Helsingborg is a 45-50 minute drive, made longer by the rain/fog/drizzle/darkness). Good food from Nigella's recipes and dessert involved white chocolate, passionfruit seeds and raspberries. YUM. My project for the evening was to figure out what kind of cookies to bake on Sunday for the Christmas cookie exchange at the meeting on Tuesday. I'm about 80% decided. It was pretty easy to narrow down as the criteria was: fast, easy, fast

What I have to look forward to tomorrow:
  • Anders comes home!

  • I don't have to go or be ANYWHERE

Wait, did I mention that Anders comes home tomorrow?!!! :)
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