November 30th, 2003



Our dinner party was a monster success, the dinner was great, the desserts even better, and the company was a lot of fun. Jan complimented Anders by saying that he's been attending Thanksgiving dinners with his American wife, Kelly, since 1981 and this was the best one ever. :)

The last guests left around 12:30 a.m. and Anders & I picked up the worst of the mess, moving all the dirty dishes to the kitchen and rinsing them, and putting furniture back in place. At 1:15 we sat down in the living room to catch our breaths before heading to bed, and Anders flipped the TV to the E! channel, where they were showing a lurid documentary entitled "The Last Days of Sharon Tate." We watched the entire thing, hypnotised as by a snake, I swear. I had Charlie Manson dreams all night. shudder Just think: that man was someone's child once.

The kid's department looks like a tornado hit it, but it's probably not going to get picked up today. I've got 3 of 4 loads of dishes in the dishwasher, and we went to the mall for some necessaries: boots, pants, sweatshirts, gloves, girly Christmas dress, all for the kids. Caught the Crazy Feet Christmas dance show on the mall stage which thrilled the kids. I've been thinking about enrolling both of them in classes at Crazy Feet, but keep not getting around to it for whatever reason.

We've carted down all the boxes labeled XMAS from the attic and intend to at least get the Advent lights up before bedtime. Tomorrow is December 1st...heading into the crazy holiday season, and the week ahead is a busy one with Martin's birthday party at the end of it. :) But I have turkey leftovers to look forward to! Mums!
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Our ezine is making headway! :) I've been too busy to do much this week, but am at least able to say that I was the one who came up with name that got voted in. I'm hoping to be able to contribute more than that as time goes on. You can see the beginnings of the magazine that everyone will soon be talking about at Mosaic Minds. We're looking for submissions!
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