December 1st, 2003



So far, we've had 4 weeks in a row of grey cloudiness and ONE day of sunshine. Bleah to November in Skåne. I remember when I was pregnant with Martin, due in November. It started raining in September and it rained for a year and a half. Non-stop. I swear I'm not making that up. This year, at least, it hasn't been raining every day, but I could really do with a few more sunny winter days. Don't get me wrong, we had a BEAUTIFUL summer and an extremely sunshiney fall, but I want more. It's amazing how much the weather in Sweden is the hot topic for all expatriates. The temperature difference isn't that much from what I was used to the in the Midwest, but the lack of sunshine really is a drag. Good thing it's clementine season!!

Today's Thrill: There is nothing like seeing something I designed come back from the printer, whether it's a poster, a brochure, a book, a newsletter, whatever. It gives me such a rush. :)

I read or heard somewhere a couple of years ago that 99% of all Swedish households own at least one Advent candelabra.* I love them! They light up the gloomy afternoons and evenings all over Sweden, and really help you get in the Christmas spirit. When we lived in Malmö, in an apartment building, there was one in EVERY single window. We used to joke that the windows sporting straight versions of the usually triangular advent lights were deviants...or immigrants. Last year, Anders' parents gave us their metal advent stars to hang in the windows as well. They'd had them since they got married. :) They're gold and perforated with tiny holes in decorative patterns to let the lights shine through.

*Did you know the plural of candelabra is candelabrum? rum pum pum pum
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I don't usually post quizzes, but this was too funny!

You are a typical BILLY bookshelf in dark plywood!

BILLY bookshelves are neat and tidy and can be relied on to keep their promises. They always read the safety instructions and always pay attention to the flight attendants' safety demonstrations on every flight. Many BILLY bookshelves wear crash helmets. But that doesn't mean they're dull - on the contrary, they are great jokers and like to play the clown at family get-togethers and private parties.

Career: Fickle is not a word that is part of the vocabulary of a BILLY - stamina, on the other hand, is. Professionally, many bookshelves are computer technicians, inventors, doctors and teachers. BILLY bookshelves should however make sure that they don't stuck in a corner somewhere and forgotten. They need to put their best foot forward and not be afraid to use their elbows. There is always someone around them who can shout louder than they do.

What IKEA furniture are YOU?
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