December 6th, 2003



Christmas wish list:
  • all the books on my "books-to-buy" list

  • time to read them

  • a domain name

  • a paid LJ account

  • tickets to a theater play or concert, something, ANYTHING

  • no worries about money for awhile

  • mostly so we don't have to worry about paying for tickets to the States next year

  • a way to get my sister and her family here for Christmas

  • all the trees on my tree list, come spring

  • a 2-door Alfa Romeo Graduate convertible just like Michelle Pfeiffer had in Tequila Sunrise, what, you thought I'd FORGOTTEN?!

  • motivation for diet changes and exercise...oh wait, wrong list, that's new year's resolutions
Work was crazy busy today getting all the last minute stuff done to make sure everyone is ready to leave this weekend for the trade show next week. Which meant I had to reschedule my planned fika to next week. Got back our newsletter from the printer, so happy!! My little baby, all shiny and glossy. The time it takes to get one of these newsletters out has gradually decreased to the point of ridiculousness. This is a 4-page newsletter with photos, articles, etc. The first time it took us roughly 3.5 months (not full time, though). This one, Issue #8, took a week and a half. We rock.

And just so everyone is clear...THIS is why we look forward to the holiday season so very, very much in my family...

Karin kicks the crap out of that fat guy
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Busy weekend days, that is. We had a birthday party for Martin today: 10 kids for 2 hours. It went really well, because we had a schedule, of sorts, and Anders kept the kids entertained for at least half an hour with Engineer Lindström's Experiment Theater. He showed them how to make a wave machine, a water microscope from a milk carton, how to make a milk carton blow smoke rings, how to make an egg sink in water, and magic tricks to boot. :) Then we had the di rigeur "hotdogs with bread," whipped cream cake and a candy fishpond. There are some parents of Martin's friends who have had THREE-hour birthday parties for their kids...I think they're insane. 2 hours is so just right.

No rest for the weary afterwards, though (or before either, of course, as Anders finished tiling the little bathroom this morning) as we had a Glögg party this evening with the AWC. Good time, good food. Now we're home and this is the FIRST chance I've had to get online. aaaahhh. heh.

We talked a bit at the party about how if we don't make an effort, our kids won't know any of the traditional American games and songs. One woman commented that she taught a bunch of Swedish children recently how to play "Anka, Anka, Gås" (duck duck goose) and I mentioned the CD of patriotic American songs I had my mom send me this summer. Turns out that apparently, very few Swedes know the words, after the first line, to their national anthem...whereas every American in the room knew all the words to at least the first verse of The Star-spangled Banner. I could tell everyone was itching to sing it, and had it been the 4th of July, I'm sure there would have been an impromptu concert, but as it's nearly Christmas we restrained ourselves.
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