December 7th, 2003



Laughed until I cried after reading this in Mimi Smartypants' archives:

You know these little capsules that you put in warm water and a foam animal emerges? Do you? Well, get some. And do them inside your mouth, with beer. This was great fun recently, at a bar with Kat I had one in my mouth, almost finished exploding, when a guy sat down near us and said, "Hi" in that I'm-going-to-chat-you-up way. I held up a finger to say, "Wait a minute," leaned over the bar, and spat a foam brontosaurus onto the bar top. He didn't stay long. It was beautiful.

ahahahahahaha!! I love that woman.
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Conversation during glögg party last night when we were discussing bilingualism in our children and I made a comment about Martin having begun to differentiate languages when he was around 2.5 years old:

Barbara: Well, yes, but I've always thought that Martin was exceptionally bright.
Me: (deprecatingly) Yes, he is, well, he...
Barbara: He must have gotten it from you, I bet.
Me: Well, um, I wouldn't call myself exceptionally bright *long pause* but you all can! (general laughter)

Conversation with my sister this evening wherein the topic of discussion was children's birthday parties:

Sarah (who is having her daughter's party today): Well, it's only 6 kids for a few hours. It won't be that bad.
Me: No way, 2 hours was just right, I couldn't possibly have handled more. I have a hard time with a couple of kids for more than a few hours.
Sarah: Well, we all know you have less patience than most people.
Me: *big pause* you think?!

I'm a master of comedic timing, I am.

Martin is now officially 6 years old. Hard to believe, especially when I look at his feet. They used to be such fat, cute, button-toed baby feet. They look like little boy feet now, not nearly as appetizing. I hope he doesn't get super long toes like some of the men in my know who you are. Ick

We had Anders' family over for dinner and Märta brought us a Christmas tree mat that she wove herself. It's too small, however, for our giant tree tendencies, I suspect, so will have to find another place to use it. Dinner was delicious: smoked salmon, hard-boiled eggs, creamed spinach, boiled potatoes. For dessert, we planned on having a princesstårta for Martin, which is his favorite (as well as Anders'), so I pulled it out of the freezer to thaw while we ate. As we were getting the coffee cups and plates together to carry out to the table, Märta opened the cake box only to find that fully 1/4 of it was GONE...already eaten. Anders came in right then and I gave him a very pointed look at which he vehemently began protesting his innocence. We have no idea when that cake was, um, used, but it worked out okay anyway, despite sending me into giggles every time I thought of the look on Märta's face, not to mention the look that must have been on mine!
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