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As you know, I stayed home today because of Martin's eye infection, and you would think, wouldn't you, that with the crazy schedule I've had over the past couple of months, that I would welcome the chance to hang out at home with the kids and pretty much do nothing all day. Well, you'd be wrong. I could have done that. In fact, it was in my head briefly for a short, shining moment. And then I realized that I still had things to do...and now I had the perfect excuse to do them because I wasn't wasting an entire day at work surfing the web. The only bright point to all this was that the kids and I slept in until 8:45 a.m. :)

Did regular cleanup/shower/laundry/dishes/breakfast/dressing/etc. in the a.m. and then after lunch we headed out. Put the kids in the car and we stopped by Martin's school to see if we could find his missing (for the FOURTH time) winter hat. Stopped and got gas. Went to the office for an hour to do stuff that couldn't wait. (no, not web surfing, very funny). Went to Farmor and Farfar's where I left the kids and went Christmas shopping for 2 hours. Yay, me! I'm now completely done except one more big thing each for the kids and one thing for my brother. I'm even done with stocking stuffers, whew!

FOUR, count 'em, four package slips came in the mail today! Me loves Christmas. :)

After dinner at the in-laws, I dropped the kids off at Emily & Martin's and went to choir practice, from which I have just returned. Laundry is still waiting to be folded, and I have what seems like a YEAR'S worth of Friends entries to look through, but I can catch up with everything tomorrow because I will be home again. And I have no plans to go anywhere or do anything.

Except pick up those packages. And, oh, Martin has a Christmas party in the evening. And I need to dust the house and do some major deep-cleaning in the kid's department. sheesh. It never ends.
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