December 11th, 2003



It's official: both kids are sick with colds. Martin's eye infection has migrated to the other eye, so we're currently in super goop mode here. Which means he can't go to his Christmas party tonight, and it's doubtful if Karin can be in her Lucia procession tomorrow morning. We'll see.

I've been adding books to my wish list lately. I found 3 books about time travel that all sound totally cool and I can't wait to find them:
  • Tunneling: A Novel by Beth Bosworth

  • The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

  • A Shortcut in Time by Charles Dickinson
My mom is landing in Germany sometime today and will be there, visiting my brother, for 6 days. She gets here on the 17th and John and Simone follow on the 21st. Must.Get.House.Cleaned.

This morning, same_sky's musings on the blog world summed up what I think of the phenomenon nearly perfectly. However, I feel my role in the credits is usually more like some of the ones listed in Monty Python films: The Haggler (as played by herself), Giggling Guard, Stoner's Helper, The Dead Body That Claims It Isn't, etc.
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Two song lyric bits I've had stuck in my head today, that I'm writing down here in the hopes they will go away or at least go bother someone ELSE for awhile:

I'm looking over my dead dog Rover that I overran with the mower!
I don't know why she swallowed a flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, perhaps she'll die!

So much for lying around the house like a luxury housewife with two small servants. Forgot I had an ad to send in today, so had to zoom into work at 11:30 to deal with it. Afterwards the kids and I picked up FIVE big boxes full of Christmas loot from the PO and then, because they were being so good, we went to McDonald's for lunch. That's right. I reward my children's behavior with FATTY FAST FOOD! what a mom, eh? While I was ordering they decided which Happy Meal toys they wanted. Martin chose a big-eyed, fat round little Japanese hamster with blue bows in its ears named Hamtaro, which I assume is the next followup to the Pokémon craze, and Karin chose a transformer robot/car. What is wrong with this picture? :P

One of the boxes contained Martin's birthday presents from my sister, and guess what one of them was?! Instant regression for me, that's what: SPIROGRAPH!
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