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It's pouring rain. The kind of sullen, grey, relentless rain that keeps you inside no matter how much you have to do. Which means, unless it clears up in the next 3 hours, which is doubtful considering the depth and quality of the mass of clouds above us, we won't be out in the wood finding the perfect Christmas tree to grace our home. :(

And if we don't get our tree today, I don't know when we can get it!! I have 2 concerts tomorrow afternoon, and by the time I get home, it will already be getting dark. I don't want to wait so long to get our Christmas tree up, because I believe they should go up earlier than later and come down within a reasonable time and I want to enjoy my tree for as long as I can.

Last year, this time, there was snow on the ground. The year before that, this time, there was so much snow on the ground we were building snow forts and snow men and snow lamps and cursing the need to shovel yet again. A little snow now would be most welcome. Everyone up north has been having snow for's not fair!! grump

I slept in like a child-free woman today. Anders got up at 8 to feed the kids and left at 9:15 for hockey. They've been playing quietly since and I couldn't bring myself to get up, so lay and dozed for almost two more hours. What luxury!
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zird is the word [userpic]
So, what can you do when rain sabotages all your plans for Christmas tree hunting? Take your kids to the movies, of course! We went to the early showing of Finding Nemo, which was excellent, and although it was a little on the long side for Karin, she made it through without getting too restless and they both loved it. Karin pronounced it good and scary and Martin loved the part about speaking whale. On the way out of the parking lot, our brakes squealed long and low because it was wet and Martin said, "Mom! The car is speaking whale!!" :)

Martin's tooth came out today, leaving a gaping hole with the new tooth coming up behind. It doesn't freak me out nearly as much now though, thank goodness. Can't believe I have to go through this with 39 more teeth! eek

We're going to try and get our tree in the morning, by being at the nursery when it opens at 10 a.m. (assuming no rain). Anders is taking the kids to a work party for Tetra Pak kids at 12:15 and my first concert is at 1:15 and I won't be home until 4 p.m. at the earliest, by which time it is already dark, so if it's raining in the a.m., we'll have to wait until next weekend to get our tree. Keep your thumbs held and fingers crossed!

2 more packages arrived today, which means we now have a 3-foot high brown cardboard box pyramid of loot! That's as high as R2-D2.

What a geek statement that was! hahaha!

I need to get started on the AWC website, but have no motivation. what. so. ever.
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