December 14th, 2003



Our tree is resting in the garage, in shock, I'm sure. We'll put it up tomorrow after work and start the job of decorating it, which usually takes a couple of days. We have to get as much as possible done tomorrow though because I have a work thing on Tuesday evening and concert and MOM on Wednesday! Tick, tock, goes the clock toward Christmas!

Martin woke us up around 7 a.m. this morning all excited because the tooth fairy had replaced his tooth with a shiny 10-kronor coin. :) Last night, Anders suggested that we save the tooth, but the very thought icked me out quite a bit. I never really understood that: keeping your baby teeth. What the heck would you do with them? Show them off to YOUR children? Make a necklace out of them? ick

I didn't sleep well, partly because I went to bed late, then Anders woke me up when he came in, then Karin woke me up when SHE came in, then I woke myself up with psychotic dreams, then the aforementioned tooth revelation. But the sun is shining, albeit intermittently, and we have a Christmas tree! The clouds are moving so fast, it makes me feel the earth is spinning.
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