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You would think that having a sugar factory in the vicinity would lead to lovely smells wafting through the air and giving you the feeling that you're living in Candyland, wouldn't you? Nope. Uh uh. There were a couple of chocolate factories on the south side of Chicago that did that. They made everything smell ambrosial if the wind was just right. Sugar beet processing just releases the nastiest rotten boiled rancid smell that hangs over everything like the sickly sweet sister of street tar. There's a Danisco mini-Gary, Indiana-factory just over the highway and while it's up and running from October to January, the stench is sometimes unreal.

Today's a busy day at work, so I don't have time to write much. We have a work dinner tonight which almost got cancelled because our manager's daughter is sick, but he decided to stick his wife with the vomity kid and go out to eat anyway.

The tree is up, but not yet decorated. The house is (mostly) clean. The little bathroom is (nearly) finished. Mom comes tomorrow and I'm leaving work early to pick her up and then race back to Malmö for the warm up at 5:00 before our big concert at 6:30.

Julstress, indeed!
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