December 24th, 2003



It's Christmas Eve in Sweden (well, the morning of). Anders is slicing potatoes for Janssen's Temptation. The kids are watching cartoons. Mom, John and Simone are eating breakfast. I thought I'd put up a quick entry and then go shower. Anders' parents are arriving in time to watch Kalle Anka and Tomte is expected to arrive sometime afterwards. :) A friend of ours is playing Tomte again this year as we couldn't use any family members due to the fact that the kids are a little too sharp and would have recognized any of the usual suspects immediately.

It's been a hectic week and we're only about halfway through it. Yesterday, everyone but Mom and me went out to a rock quarry lake and spent some time clambering up and down the rocks. I sort of wanted to go, but was also needing some downtime. Having a houseful of people, even people I love, is wonderful, but it's also a little wearing.

The Christmas cookie baking was great fun. We did the traditional sugar cookies and the kids helped decorate them to their great delight. John made a batch of rice krispie holly bars and then we made our family's favorite christmas cookie which is an almond flavored, sugared, wafer-thin sandwich cookie with buttercream filling. Yum! Christmas just isn't Christmas without those cookies!

Last night, we watched Tenacious D which happened to be on TV, and laughed ourselves silly. Even Mom watched it, though I was sure she'd give up and go to bed after the first 10 minutes. :)

I'm hoping that next year I will manage to do some handmade cards like the ones that gale_storm and jes6ica sent me. They were so beautiful!

I'm barely managing to get online once a day and read emails or check my friends list, but wish a very very merry Christmas to you all! :)
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