January 10th, 2004



When the Modern Library published its list of the top 100 20th century English-language novels, Feminista.com was outraged that the list, compiled by a panel of NINE men and ONE woman, included 92 works by men, and 8 by women. So they made their own list:

100 Great 20th Century English-language Works of Fiction by Women

I've got some reading to do. As usual. :)

(thanks to ricecricket for posting this in alphabet_soup!)


Upon hearing that Joan Aiken passed away recently and reading several LJ journals praise of her work, I realized that I might somehow have made it through my childhood without reading any of her books, and especially her best-known, The Wolves of Willoughby Chase. I plan to rectify this pathetic oversight quickly. However, upon further reflection, I realized I had indeed read something by her, and that one of her collections of short stories was one I read as an adolescent and the images it gave me were so powerful that I hunted it down and found it again as an adult: A Necklace of Raindrops. I've probably read other books by her in my mad library-fiend days, but none that stuck out quite so much. Now I'm off to re-read and regress. :)
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Slept WAY in, since I was pretending I was still on vacation last night and stayed up super late playing on the web. :) Oj! I must stop that!! I have nothing to say about today so far except about household chores getting accomplished and what we have on the agenda this evening, (which is NOT going to a concert, play, or film, more's the pity) which I'm pretty sure no one else is interested in (if you really want to hear the details of my boring existence let me know, haha). Karin and I are still at loggerheads in most interactions, but nothing as unusual as the other day.

Big dilemma of the moment: what to eat for lunch*

This is a lazyass Saturday morning post if there ever was one!

One thing that drives me (and many other expats) insane about the medical system here in Sweden is the telephone hours most doctors and clinics keep. I've tried 3x to get ahold of my doctor to renew a prescription for an allergy spray and left messages to have him call me, which he hasn't, and spent interminable time on hold only to finally get a recorded message saying, sorry, telephone hours were between 8:15 and 8:16 a.m., please to call back again the Wednesday after the beginning of the month after the one ending in y. argh And now, of course, it's the weekend, when the only option for medical care is the emergency room. So, I'm getting progressively snufflier and stuffed up because I pretty much live with an allergic head 24/7 all year round. Not being able to breathe, not surprisingly, makes me grumpy. What else is new, you say? You're funny, you are.

*(which is a nice change from the big dilemma of 2 days ago which was whether or not to follow through on my murderous impulses, ha!)
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