January 13th, 2004



I wonder if it would take just some sunshine to make things seem brighter when it comes to my job and my work environment? Everything seems grey and squashed right now. We are moving in about a month to new offices, only there won't be any OFFICES, we'll be sitting in an open landscape, not even in cubicles. I'm getting very depressed about the whole thing and have been walking around with a frowny face all morning. We went up to look at the site so we could get an idea of where we will be sitting and hopefully choose at least which side of the big room we want to be on. As soon as we walked into the space, we all reacted negatively. Very low ceilings, dark and gloomy atmosphere, bad color choices and cheap interior fixtures, extremely crowded, no privacy screens, and poor lighting from windows. 2 toilets for 31 people. Almost every workstation is set so that people will have their backs to traffic. :( I am SO not looking forward to this. In fact, it may very well be the straw that makes this camel start actively looking for another job instead of just mulling over the idea.

Going out to dinner tonight with work colleagues for a goodbye party for one of my group that recently moved on and I'm not exactly in the mood.


At least my neck and shoulders feel better since I had a massage this morning, first one since the 16th of December. I couldn't stop thinking about putty. It felt as if when I got up, there would be a colorful copy of a Sunday comic strip on the front side of me. I wonder if they have Silly Putty in Sweden. I've never seen it in the toy stores, but I haven't really looked for it, either. If not, I'll have to have my mom send some for the kids sometime.

Maybe I can make my own sunshine by eating a clementine in a little bit. :)

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Everything is flocked in sparkling white velvet. The smack of wet, sudden splotches on the windshield immediately swiped away, and repeat. Snow hyperspaces and dazzles. The slither and crunch of well-mixed packsnow rattles in the wheel wells. Sliding rubber grabs and fails, clutching only at my panicked heart. Recover, and drive on in the wet, woolly, pillowfought world.

The half hour slow slide from our house to the nearest exit where I could turn around and retreat, which usually takes 7 minutes, convinced me that driving to Malmö in a blizzard for dinner qualified as a bad idea. Even in a Volvo, Safest Car On The Planet.

An hour after I returned home, thinking, "I didn't want to go anyway," the snow stopped and the meltdown has already begun. Anders left at 9 to play hockey. I am completely unmotivated to tackle any of the items on my to-do list and am reading Tales From Earthsea by Ursula K. LeGuin instead.
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