January 14th, 2004



Just had a scheduled 15-minutes-with-the-boss, with Johan, our department manager, and told him exactly how I've been feeling about my job, our company culture, the upcoming move, and all. He was very sympathetic and agreed with me on several points and offered alternate solutions and promised to take action on several of the most important things that are bothering me. Too bad he can't do anything about the open landscape shit, but at least he agreed that it IS shit, even if we have to make the best of it.

I've gotten involved with the trivselkommitteén for the move to the new place. I'm not sure how to translate that..it comes out as "comfort committee." The purpose of the committee is to come up with ways to make all the employees happier and content with their new work environment via interior decoration, basically. We've decided on colors and some cool posters (that I get to design :) and had a lot of good ideas which we're not sure we'll be able to get past the cost-cutting eyes of the finance department, up to and including aquariums. heh. Humongous tanks with white stones and blue fish would look great in our office, don't you think?

My sister just told me she's picked up a bunch of stuff for me at Michael's where she works. She said, "It's way more stuff than you'll probably ever need or use but what the heck you can share or trade it with your buddies." Woo hoo, crafty_chicas, we may finally be able to have another round-robin swap soon! :) haha!

I have choir tonight, it's the first time since our big concert before Christmas, so I'm really looking forward to it. I had decided earlier this week not to go since I have book group tomorrow and that would have meant three evenings gone when my family is leaving on a ski trip Friday morning, and hey, it might be nice to see my kids and husband once or twice before they're gone for a week, don'tcha think? But, since I didn't go to the work dinner yesterday, I'm thinking maybe I can get away with going to choir tonight. Choir is much more important for bettering my outlook on life than spending 500 kronor on a work outing and then piling the car into a snowbank would have been, anyway.

The sky is lightening. Hope springs eternal!
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I can't decide if the perpetual chill in my body is a sign of impending age, poor circulation or a problem with the heating system. No one seems to be as cold as I am in my own house. The children run around barefoot and one can practically see the heatwaves of mirage arising from their little furnace torsos. I've always liked the cold, welcomed it, hated being too hot. You can always put on another layer when it's cold, but when it's hot there's only so much you can take off and your skin won't peel away to bring a touch of breeze to your sweating bones.

There's snow on the ground but not on the roof, indicating that too much heat is escaping through the ceiling. Anders doesn't seem to take my complaints seriously, since he is the one that gave the furnace gene to his children. It's weird having our roles reversed. Since we met, I've been the one to open windows, run a fan, turn down the thermostat. Now I huddle under two thick comforters, type with gloves on, and consider wearing socks to bed. Anathema!

My understanding for why the elderly migrate south is expanding on a personal level. I'm still young, dammit! Young-ish. Too young to feel this creaky and chilled. I need to redouble my search efforts for a cat that can live with us. A furry warm body on my toes sounds like just what the doctor ordered. I wish the Siberian Cat breeders would move south (or north and meet in the middle) so we could find out if Anders is allergic to them or not.

I am loving my re-visit to Earthsea and wishing it wasn't nearly time to go home. It wasn't that long ago I was there, in the middle of The Other Wind, and these short stories are wonderful. There is something about the way Le Guin writes that makes my brain slow down and savor phrasing. Savor thinking. Savor magic. I wonder what it's like to create a world, populate it, give it language, history, culture. Do writers think of characters and then create the world around them? Or is it the other way around? The world bringing the people to life. Perhaps they go hand in hand, like lovers.
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