January 15th, 2004



The sky was streaked all pink and blue this morning like a parade of newborns was on the way. It's blue now, mixed with grey. Indecisive sky! Sunny? Not sunny? We'll wait and see if the sun makes up its mind or not.

Mosaic Minds is up and running thanks to the efforts of a great team. I can't make any claim to it this issue as I didn't do much, which I have mixed feelings about. But I'm happy that my brother's great photography was highlighted in the Changing the Scenery section. He's got a natural eye and takes wonderful landscape photos.

Anders scared the hell out of me this morning. I fell asleep last night before he got home from hockey-bockey and when I awoke at 6:30 right before the alarm went off, the person next to me in bed was my daughter. I thought, okay, he's just in the shower and he'll wake me up when he comes in to dress, so I can sleep another 10 minutes. Except he never came back in. I knew he had come home because I woke at some point during the night and he was there. I got up at my usual time, with a head full of worry, because the house was dark and no noise from the kitchen, meaning that the kids weren't eating breakfast, which they usually are at that time. Walked out of the bedroom. No light in the bathroom. No Anders. ??? One car gone. What the hell?!

So, I called my husband on the cell phone and he had left at 5:30 to for an off-site work meeting. Without warning me that I needed to get up earlier than normal to feed and dress the kids. :( I knew he was going to the off-site meeting, but not that he was leaving extra-early, just that he wouldn't be home on time in the evening. Not a good start to the day, I have to say.

Book group tonight! :) :)
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