January 28th, 2004



The amount of time I can spend online just reading other people's writing is truly mind-boggling. Especially when some of them, and you know who you are, insist on writing stories and essays that are so incredibly wonderful that I have to finish them all before I can turn my attention to other things.

Home from work today with Karin the coughing machine, who continues to cough non-stop despite liberal doses of cough medicine and regular applications of children's Tylenol. Even the chicken noodle soup at lunch didn't slow the coughing down. I gave her a cough drop at one point and she tucked it into her cheek like a good girl, but for 10 minutes I kept having nightmares that she was sitting in the living room choking on it while I blow-dried my hair, so I was rather relieved to hear the cling as it was dropped into the garbage can. The cough is not to be denied.

I hoped having a day off from work would help put things in perspective and let me face this impending move with more equanimity, but the more I think about it, and every time I look at the seating plans and see how crammed in we're going to be, the more upset I get. Working as a sardine is not what I signed up for. Others in the department seem resigned to it and have even made comments to the effect of "It won't be so bad, just wait and see." But what if it IS so bad? How can it NOT be so bad?! :( I know, I know, enough about the stupid open landscaping already.

It was snowing this morning, but not much and not for long. It's just now getting dark and everything looks sort of blue and sort of white at the same time. I have choir tonight, which will be fun, but I hope we get some new songs to start working on.

Finished the bio of Eleanor and have the desire to jump straight into Sharon K. Penman's wonderful series about Llewellyn, Prince of Wales, who married one of King John's illegitimate daughters as a continuation of the Plantagenet theme. I've already started Mrs. Dalloway though, and Almost French is next on the list. :)
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Mosaic Minds is taking off and we are looking for submissions. If you are interested, here is the list of themes through October. Please consider writing a feature article, a poem or a story or contributing artwork or photography. Look back through your older stuff, maybe you have something that just needs a bit of polishing that will work for one of the upcoming themes! We also highlight blogs and links of the week so if you know of something that might be of interest, please let me know.

Deadline for each month's submission is the 15th of the month prior, so for the March issue we need things by February 15th, and so on.

March: Nostalgia
April: Winging It
May: Heroes and Role Models
June: What If?
July: Self-Acceptance
August: Kindred Spirits
September: Serenity
October: Fears and Phobias
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