February 29th, 2004



The best party card game in the world is one I learned in college from Nancy Kuhn, called Colorado Crazy Eights. It NEVER fails to get people hyper and excited and is easy to learn and hilarious to play. It's based on Crazy Eights, which is a fairly simple card game, but it progresses to insanity and speed card-flinging rapidly. The table must be completely cleared of EVERYTHING, especially drinks, as the risks for knocking things over increases as the game progresses. After one round, people are hunched forward, as close to the center of the table as they can get, eyes wide and fingers twitching. By the second round, half the group is standing, leaning forward on every play and easing back on the balls of their feet as play halts while someone draws, giggling like mad fiends. I LOVE Game Nights :D

If you want to give it a try the next time you have a party, here are the rules for Collapse )

When we left the party at 11:30 p.m., there was a sheen of sparkly ice to be scraped off the car windows. Clear and cold all the way to Lund, where we ran into the snowstorm that had apparently been in progress for some time. Flyinge lies in a precipitation pocket. If it's snowing or raining anywhere, it's doing it there. Down the hill from Lund, the sifted confectioner's sugar of snow began coating the road and everything else, and the teeming flurries of snow whirled and shifted in the streetlight's glow. Snow was sifting down through the stiff stalks of the long roadside grasses. Driving, the elongated, wheeling sphere of snow disorients and tempts the eye no matter which direction the car is going. The snow coats everything thoroughly and silently, the layers on the road pockmarked with the pawprints of dogs and the embossed ribbons of tire tracks. Walking from the car, our feet crunch and slide in the quiet.

Another superfluous sunny day in winter, the low sun lighting up the fields, glowing on the white crystal carpet of our backyard. Anders and Martin are at Scouts, and Karin and I are homebodies today. Plants need watering, bookshelves need dusting, dust bunnies need vacuuming. I'm nearly through a speed re-read of Watership Down. It's every bit as good as the first, second, third, nth time I read it. And now it's lunchtime, adieu!