March 4th, 2004



Still bleah. Home again. Getting a really good gravelly voice, as a prelude to losing it.
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    The Archies—Sugar Sugar


Just sick enough to be lame-o, but not sick enough to be pathetic, if you know what I mean. It's been a down day, low-volume, muffled, tucked in. I've read through nearly the entire trilogy of Pamela Dean's Secret Country books. Had chicken soup and dragonfruit Festis. No gargling with whisky though, sorry John. Not even the kids coming home and ringing the front doorbell endlessly really broke through my headcold fog.

There's a large triangular patch of snow in the far corner of our backyard that is hanging stubbornly on. The horses and ponies were out today, wandering somewhat aimlessly. The pasture they're in right behind the house can't be good for grazing as it appears to be mostly mud. They all had horse blankets strapped around their backs and bellies today and their breath rose, steaming.

Attention Writers! The deadline for the April issue of Mosaic Minds is fast approaching. If you'd like to submit, the theme for the April issue is Winging It, and the deadline is March 15th. Articles, stories, poetry, all are welcome! :)

A friend of mine from high school that I've seen once in 20 years is currently planning a visit with her husband to come and see us in April. If they do come, it will be the first time a friend has come to Sweden to visit since knuckie came 2 months after we moved here. Fun! My family has all been here, and one uncle and aunt, but otherwise, none of our friends, despite lots of hope and promises, have made it. I hope everyone knows our "guestroom" sofabed has a open invitation for visitors.