March 11th, 2004



My internal clock seems to be screwed up by the fact that because I was out of work at the class the last 3 days and was in town and had sushi for dinner that yesterday was Friday. Having to get up to go to work this morning was pure torture, let me tell you. And it's only Thursday! Oh, the humanity! I got a lot of computer work done yesterday for both Mosaic Minds and the AWC, and was actually ready to turn in at the early hour (for me) of 10 p.m., when I made the mistake of actually looking at what Anders was watching on TV for a few minutes...that turned into an hour. It was the last half of the Ben Affleck movie where he plays the young Jack Ryan and a nuclear bomb goes off at the Superbowl in Baltimore. Ben Affleck looks like he's made of moldable plastic. He's so expressionless, it's rather fascinating to watch. The bomb stuff was very well done, but I had no chance to suspend my disbelief so had to content myself with making disparaging remarks through the rest of the movie. Animal House was on afterwards, but I made Anders tape it, so I could tear myself away and go to bed. Still, I stayed up another half hour reading further into and liking better Diane Duane's Stealing the Elf-King's Roses.

We're going to Newcomer's Night tomorrow, it's a family potluck, and I'm planning on making same_sky's Parmesan Potatoes. :) Then, instead of sleeping in on Saturday morning, I'm getting up early and leaving for a 2-day choir get-together all weekend. Tra la la! And then my weekend will be gone, all gone, over and out, and I won't have gotten to sleep in, not once. *insert sad face here*
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  • worked hard all day. At work. For work.

  • stopped by post office to pick up package (my passport! woo hoo)

  • updated a map image and sent it to FAWCO

  • updated my resume

  • did 2 loads of laundry

  • fixed and ate dinner with my family

  • edited and worked on a number of submissions and webpages for Mosaic Minds

  • edited and created a webpage for FAWCO Article Exchange
  • put kids to bed

  • designed a masthead idea for Mosaic Minds</a>

  • googled my name in images and put the results behind an LJ cut below cuz I'm sheep-like fun that way

  • wrote a cover letter to send with my resume
and now, I am going to bed. I will NOT stop and look at the TV. I will not read in bed. I WILL get a good night's sleep.

damn it.

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