March 24th, 2004



Not in the mood to write much lately, not sure why. There's not even anything going on weather-wise to inspire me. What I can see of the sky is white with infinite cloud cover. Everyone's shoes squeak. I feel like I'm working in a nest of mice.

When I was working at First Chicago, we had an incentive sales trip every year for the salespeople to win. By selling their little hearts out, they got an all-expenses paid trip for a week together. One year it was Sanibel Island, one year it was St. Thomas. And once it was Disneyworld. I got to go, too, because I was the Queen of marketing sales support for our department. :) The year we went to Disney, I made a huge wall-size poster of a maze with the Disneyworld castle at the end of it, and forced everyone to go get their pictures taken with Mickey Mouse ears on. Then I attached their pictures to the maze to show their progress re their sales goals, moving them slowly around toward the castle as the year went by. Get it? Mice in a maze.

Now, you're going to want to see the picture of me in the mouse ears, aren't you?