April 26th, 2004



rain-spitty grey and squinty glare work work work work more work good lunch more work massage coming up thank god it's been a month and I need one sooooooooooooooo bad pick up martin show him off at police station so he can get his swedish passport renewed grocery shopping nap on couch i hope dinner reading surfing bed

That's all I got.
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    Madonna—Live to Tell


  • My brother called to tell me that he and Simone got engaged yesterday on their anniversary of 6 years together! He asked her to marry him in German, and apparently he actually said something like, Please, will you find someone for me to marry? :D It's about time, John!
  • Karin LOVED her first soccer practice, so much so that when they were done with the actual "practice" stuff and were playing games, she refused to play because she wanted to keep on kicking the ball so one of the trainers had to go and work some more with her.
  • The sky has cleared to pale blue and the sunset is streaking pink and white and lavendar orange across the sky
  • Martin's passport application is turned in and will only take a week to arrive
  • The massage this afternoon worked out some major kinks in my shoulders and banished the headache I was fighting
  • Website: Done! Newsletter: Done! Prep for meeting tomorrow: Done! And I have a start on the design for a friend's flyer and business cards
  • The kids are sleeping, the dishwasher is running, Anders is outside working, and I am going to finish my book and go to bed early! Yee ha!
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    Brian Hyland—Sealed With A Kiss