May 9th, 2004



Haha! My BROTHER called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day...which none of my family here had thought about. Anders always makes sure I get flowers for the Swedish Mother's Day (May 23) but he never remembers the American one. :) Doesn't seem fair to make him remember 2 mother's days somehow. I sent flowers to MY mom and will be calling her and my grandma later.

It's looking to be a beautiful day today, it's 10:30 and the temp is already up to 20C. I have ... NO PLANS ... other than to drop off and pick up Martin at a birthday party. Anders is going to go pick up a motorcycle part, but that's it. I want to take a good long walk this afternoon, and at some point, I'll finish the HTML pages for 2 sections of Mosaic Minds but that won't take me long at all as I already have most of it done. :)

The pink-blossomed cherry trees are all blooming, like giant cotton candy. The lilacs have started opening, too. I love the waves of color that spring represents, first the yellow of daffodils and purple of crocus, then as they fade, the white of bird cherry and the bright yellow forsythia, along with the tulips, take prominence. Then they go green and the lilacs and cherries burst out in wild purples and pinks. I'd like to see a speeded-up open exposure shot of spring in Flyinge, a sort of Flyingeaanisqatsi if you know what I mean. Märta gave us 3 big, beautiful, ready-to-bloom fuchsias yesterday and they're potted and pretty in front of the house.

We got our plane tickets for our summer vacation in the States, and while I was a bit bummed that they were 6000 kronor more than we had hoped to pay, that task is, at least, dealt with. A MONTH. woo hoo! Now I just have to get the plane tickets for my side jaunt to Oregon, and save some more money so we can spend it like mad fiends in the States and I'll be all set.

The lasagne last night that my 5-star chef husband made was so out of this world fabulous that it can hardly be called by the lowly name of "lasagne." I was going to rename it lovesagne, but that looks too much like loves agnes, so maybe that's not such a good idea, although if you pronounce it right, LOVE-SAHN-YA, it not only sounds good, it makes you giggle after you think about it for a minute. Or maybe that's just me.

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  • put up insect bead curtain and window screens
  • can't stop opening windows
  • put all the winter jackets in the closet
  • put dark navy blinds up in the kids's rooms so they'll stop saying it's too light out to be bedtime
  • changed from winter comforter to summer-weight blanket
  • lilacs, lilacs, LILACS!
  • received invitation to annual midsommar party
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