May 29th, 2004



So far, this has been a wonderful day!! Got up early, drove down to Klagshamn and met the rest of the girls who were driving instead of taking the train over to Denmark to the new gigantic shopping center. We got there just after 10 a.m. and it was, as promised, GIGANTIC. A real American-style mall! We split up fairly quickly as there were 6 of us with varying missions and I actually power-walked around the mall floors for an hour by myself before I started shopping for real. My missions were soccer shorts for Karin, a baby gift for Angie and an anniversary present for Anders. I found them all and picked up 2 bags of M&M's (not available in Sweden) and a magazine for me. There wasn't ANYTHING in the bookstore worth buying or I would have spent more.

There was also a jewelry store called Pilgrim that I wanted to buy EVERYTHING in. Just gorgeous, gorgeous sparkly stuff. It was reasonably priced but I was being restrained since we're trying to save money for the States. That was a really tough one to walk out of, though!

We met up at 12:30 at the food court on the 3rd floor, which was full of nice, big restaurants. We ended up (hurray!) at the Sushi Bar where the sushi was so fresh it was still flipping and just wonderful. On the way in, gale_storm and I were scared by a couple of orcs walking around, and afterwards, we ran into them again with a huge cave troll and a ringwraith. The orcs were wearing store badges for an electronics place so we figured it must be a promotion for the LOTR DVD release :)

After all the damage was done and the shopping completed we got back to Sweden at 4:30 and I drove home, arriving just after 5 to see that my mother's day present had arrived! HURRAY!!! I actually screamed with joy as I got out of the car and made our neighbors stand up and look over at me like I was insane. Guess what Anders and the kids got for me?! A ROCK! A really, really BIG rock! In fact, a BOULDER! In the front yard! Right where I wanted it!!

Easy to please, that's me! :D

Happy Birthday Wishes to darcymcgowan!

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