June 4th, 2004



All the 42 different shades of green have blended and become one, a great green leafy soup. The lilacs are browning, burned on top from the sun. Trees and bushes with white flowers are blooming: spirea, chestnuts, guelder-rose, and rowan. I love the rowans with their big white flower clumps that become bright red berries in the fall. Their leaves will turn intense shades of orangey-red then as well. Wild carrots* trace a frothy lace of icing along the roadways. Leopard's bane, daisies and meadow buttercups dot yellow in fields of puffball dandelions that tremble and shed with every errant gust of wind. The dog-roses have blossomed too, they'll be fat rosehips for tea come autumn. Rhododendrons are showing off everywhere in their own personal beauty pageants, and the peonies have fat bud balls ready to burst open any minute.

Handy Swedish Phrases I Learned Today:
  • glad gamäng - a happy-go-lucky person, literally "happy gamin"
  • ful fisk - someone fishy, dodgy, deceptive, literally "ugly fish"
  • rent mjöl i påsen - good conscience, literally "clean flour in the bag"
Things I've Designed in the Last 3 Weeks:
32-page catalog, 4-page newsletter, 1 e-mail newsletter, 4 separate full page advertisements, 1 small notebook (front & back covers), 2-page product brief, 4 web banner ads, 4 powerpoint presentations, 3 speaker signs, nametags, 1 new website section for work, 10-page online newsletter and 4-page printed newsletter for the AWC, 2 software diagrams in Illustrator, 1 pattern sample for fabric, 1 product icon, 1 registration form, 1 t-shirt design, 1 partner event invitation, 1 customer satisfaction survey, 1 email mailshot...WHEW!

Edited to Add: I was just given 2 free movie passes for my hard work! :)

*That's Queen Anne's Lace to you. :D
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