June 13th, 2004



This morning, or last night, depending upon how you look at it, was the first time the overabundance of early-morning sunshine has disturbed my sleep. It warmed up a couple of kamikaze flies so much that they decided 4:23 a.m. was the best time to start dive-bombing our heads....bzzzzZZZZZzzzz


After trying unsuccessfully to ignore them, I was forced to get up and POUND THEM INTO FLY PULP with a fly swatter and then suck their deservedly dead corpses up with the dustbuster. SO satisfying.

Unfortunately, the early-morning bed-rage woke me up too much and then the rooster behind us started and it was too light in the room and I couldn't get comfortable again and by the time I fell back asleep it was 8:30 a.m. Anders left at 9 to watch a Porsche racing competition with a friend so I had to get up and deal with the kids. sigh
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My 45-minute walk this evening was slowed by grass. Wild grass. Ornamental grass. Plumy, wavy, bowing, grainy grass. 14 completely different kinds. I don't know the names of any of them, although after a cursory Google hunt I suspect one of them is wild timothy and one is probably wheat. Or maybe barley, except I think barley has longer awns, the hairlike strands that stand straight up above its seed-filled head. One is almost definitely switchgrass. Some of them are fluffy, some are airy, some are straight and rigid with stair-stepped ladderlike beauty. One looks like a miniature pale-green cat-tail. All of them are beautiful.

Another highlight from my walk: a friendly tiger tabby that came running toward me, tail up in welcome, meowing gladly. He allowed me to pet him and then accompanied me all the way to the end of the street, trotting alongside and occasionally commenting with little kitty interjections.

Karin had a hissy fit today because she wanted to go play with the little boys, all of whom were roaming around the neighborhood with shorts, no shirts and water guns, and I wouldn't let her out of the house without a shirt. Even a tank top was too much shirt for her tomboy sensibilities, so instead she howled for half an hour and was only mollified when Anders came home and proposed putting the sprinkler on in the back yard.

The kids spent the majority of the afternoon alternately freezing and boiling, although neither state seemed to phase them in the least. In and out of the ice cold sprinkler, laughing like maniacs and then sunning in the high-summer heat on the baking boards of the porch. They romped with water, beach balls, whiffle balls, frisbees and towels for nearly four hours. I NEED A NEW CAMERA!!! :(

I've made a gazillion marble magnets this weekend, although I'm not yet finished glueing the magnets on the back of the marbles with their little pictures, and realized that I have to go get MORE magnets since I miscalculated (that darn number thing again) and didn't buy enough on Friday. I'm doing sets with 10 different Swedish motifs* for my girlfriends that I'm reuniting with this summer. They are really turning out great!

Mission Before Bedtime: Complete In-House Fly Eradication

*Did you know the adjective form of motif is MOTIFIC? :D
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