June 18th, 2004



It's been raining on and off all week, including today, and the temperatures are crisp and chilly. Without the sun, it makes for dismal weather. This evening, the cloud cover was pushed aside by the sun and blue broke out in the west. I went for my walk just before 7:30 to find a wet, washed world. The paths were glistening and the trees dripped quietly. Heading toward the snail trail I was literally stunned to a stop by a field of meadow grass, long stalks bowed by the rain. The sun shone across them, each stalk's arch outlined in shining droplets. It looked like a field of fairy floss, sun-dusted, diamond-coated. Spun sparkled glass with grassy plumes. I couldn't walk and look at it simultaneously because I had to keep an eye out for slugs, like little slime landmines scattered here and there. Drawn by the water and smoothness of the asphalt they, too, were out for their evening slimenade, moving slowly but surely to wherever it is slugs go at night.

Another bonus of having sushi in the lunch cafeteria: buying 2 boxes to pick up at closing time and take home for dinner! Martin declared that it's not fair that Daddy and I get luxury dinners while they make do with pasta. :D We've brought home sushi before and shared it with the kids, but I'm not too keen on giving them raw fish yet, so we've stuck with california and cucumber rolls for them so far. In addition to the sushi goodness that enhanced my evening, I left work at 1:30 because Magnus "the IT* Guy" came and took my computer away to reinstall the hard drive with a stupid Ericsson firewall program that I've managed to avoid for 2 years, but must now comply or die, apparently, and no computer means no work. :) woo hoo!

Anders is planning to start building a playhouse in the backyard this weekend. He's getting free boards from a friend, and he and the kids, along with a trailer, left after dinner to fetch them, and will probably spend the evening there watching the soccer game. Martin has requested that the playhouse resemble Pettson & Findus' home, so it will be painted barn-red with white trim around the windows and a green door. So, I'm blasting music and rubbing my aching shins after a power-walk and getting motivated to work on web stuff, while ignoring the insidious call of the malted milk balls.

Eeeeeeeat Meeeeeee, they whisper.

Good Writing Out There Right Now: The Other Morning On the Drive to Work

*That's I.T. as in Information Technology, not IT as in The One & Only. :D
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