July 13th, 2004



It's Karin's birthday today. My little girl is 5 years old. :)

Mom revealed that not only did I run when she caught me dawdling along the road to school, but I ran past several houses and then tried to hide in a ditch! LOL She was embarrassed to death to take me into kindergarten an hour late and confess that I was trying to skip school at the tender age of 5 :D

I saw something on TV the other night that actually made me gasp out loud. I had just tossed back in the big chair to relax for a few minutes before heading to bed. One of those cop show re-enactment things came on, with a cop in a patrol car getting a call that all units were to report to such-and-such address and that shots were heard. So the camera follows the sirens-screaming police car to a suburban house, and jerkily follows the cop, gun drawn, up to the doorway, where he yells "Police!" and slams the door open with his shoulder. A huge group of his cop buddies are inside, with martinis in hand and party decorations and one big guy with a birthday cake. They all yell "Surprise!" and he, in his startlement, SHOOTS THE GUY HOLDING THE CAKE. Dead silence as the stunned friends stare at him and he lowers his gun. Cut to advertiser's message. Cut to Liz boggling and saying WTF??? Was that supposed to be FUNNY? Well, yes...it was. It was an ad for a cop-show parody program. bleah

I made the mistake of telling one of my all-time favorite bad jokes to a Swedish colleage a week ago, and she didn't get it. Now she repeats it, in my presence, to other Swedes, with the apparent intent each time of convincing me how bad a joke it is. I laugh my head off every time.

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