July 22nd, 2004



Man, having TWO high-speed connections in Sweden, one at work and one at home, plus nearly unlimited internet access has spoiled me rotten. Trying to keep up with the 42 million blogs I love, friends entries, the news, etc. on a slow dial-up is giving new heights to the amount of impatience I thought I was capable of. Which was A LOT.
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    whirling ceiling fan, Tom and Anders talking


Ready to Leave This Morning For The Art Fair:
Liz: We're leaving now, hey, honey, give me all your cash.
Anders: *goes into the house, returns and hands me a 20 and a 1-dollar bill*
Anders: We owe your mom 20 for the pharmacy.
Liz: *looks at the dollar* That doesn't leave much for buying art.
Anders: Spend it wisely.

Ain't Really Complaining: Christ, it was bloody hella hot today.

My sister and I are playing cutthroat cribbage. Last night, after we both had a reminder of the rules from Mom, who is the Queen of Cutthroat card games, I whomped her butt 3-0. We just had a rematch...she won the first game, I won the second and we paced each other all the way up the board through the third game until it ended with me predicting and then PEGGING an awesome hand and KEELING HER DEAD! muahahahahaha!
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    wind whistling through the birches