August 19th, 2004



There's something not so bad about waking up at 4 a.m. You're not completely deep into REM sleep at that point, and it's easier to pop awake and stay there. Even if you're not jetlagged, it's always easier to wake up at 4 a.m. than 7 a.m.

4 a.m. in Flyinge: A rooster crows 4-5 times, then stops, then starts again. Patter-rustle of rain like light, quick footsteps. Insects rouse from their leadbelly torpor. My daughter's breath steams in, whistles out. Outside, the greyness is lightening, colors gain definition, depth. Clouds move past the house, sliding along the sky. I turn over and punch my pillow into comfortable squashiness. It's no use, I'm awake.

Among the many things my kids were introduced to in America this past month, the one that caused me to regress the fastest was Pop Rocks. I remember when Space Dust and Pop Rocks were new* and you could totally explode your WHOLE STOMACH if you ate Pop Rocks while drinking Coke. No, really! Anders had never had them before either. We found them at a Michael's store and entertained the kids in the car with them on the way home from a shopping day. I have 3 more packets tucked away for later. :)

Weird American Food Trend: Labeling food as "Flavor-blasted." In or OUT?

Things I Ate While in the States Because I Can't Get Them in Sweden That Made Me Very Happy:** Steak, Oscar Mayer cheese dogs, Fritos and salmon dip, Great American Cookie Company Dinky Doozie cookies, giant soft pretzels, black olives, my mom's Bar-B-Cups, Cream of Celery soup, Cream of Potato Soup, Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli, Thomas's English Muffins, Chicken Artichoke Scallopini at Macaroni Grill, Sugared Cherry Slices, 3 Musketeers, Orville Redenbacher popcorn, Vernor's Ginger Ale, V8 juice, Puffed Cheetos, Chocolate-covered raisins, Jelly Belly jellybeans, M&M's.

Think I'll leave work around 2 today and go take a nap, so I'll be awake enough this evening to go pick up my brother in Trelleborg. Jet lag sucks.

*They came out in 1975. Yes, I AM that old. Shut up.
**Not all at the same time.
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