August 20th, 2004



WHY OH GOD WHY do I have Yankee Doodle stuck in my head, only with the words "I'm an Oscar Mayer Weiner"?! Somebody, please, shoot me now!!
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Presents go a long way for making up for the fact that I just turned 40. Today at work my department gave me a lovely set of fat matte etched gold earrings. Only one problem: I have virgin lobes.

I'm not altogether sure why I've never gotten my ears pierced. I do know why I haven't gotten a tattoo: I'm a big wimp.

My mom doesn't have pierced ears either, and part of me thinks that it's cool. We have less holes in our heads than most people. :P I also know that I would spend a FORTUNE on earrings if I ever did pierce my ears, so in the interests of my budget I guess it's a good thing.

When I look at those two reasons in black and white, they don't seem very important. The pain one carries more weight, frankly. Maybe I'm just lazy. Maybe I'm just a subtle unconventional girl. Maybe I just don't care enough.

I vaguely remember my sister getting in a fight with my dad where he almost ripped an earring out of her ear (I think she was trying to get away from him, but I don't remember the details), and one of my bosses at First Chicago grossed me out completely because she had worn heavy earrings for so long that her pierce holes were more like slits and they were LONG and her ears were dragged down. ick!

Bummer though, because the earrings were really gorgeous. If someone wants to get me a big, sparkly set of diamond solitaires, I might be persuaded to finally do it, though, cuz I'm easy that way...if not cheap.
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