August 22nd, 2004



  • Monday: massage, regional planning meeting
  • Tuesday: finish AWC website and do AWC newsletter
  • Wednesday: choir starts
  • Thursday: book group
  • Friday: evening at Emily & Martin's cabin
  • Saturday: Stone Age dinner and then crayfish party AT OUR HOUSE (yes, I'm certifiable)
  • Sunday: Finish all AWC stuff before meeting
  • Monday: John leaves, Karin dentist appointment, first AWC board and monthly meetings
I had a 3-hour nap today. And I power-walked for half an hour with my brother. I'm tired. That's all.

Oh, and also...Reese's Fast Break candy bars are better than sex. Why didn't you send a box home for ME, Sarah?!
  • Current Music
    damned yappy dogs barking behind us