August 27th, 2004



I've written and erased this post 3x already this morning. *rolls eyes* People at work are treating me like a fragile flower...I think they're afraid I'll burst into tears or something. I confess I was near tears a couple of times yesterday, but more because of shock and because of feeling that 4 years of working for something and building it up and making it good is about to disappear *poof* into thin air. People kept asking me how I was, and when I said okay, they would ASK ME AGAIN with an even more concerned look. Which just made me want to punch them. I really have no patience for that kind of sympathetic small talk. Once is enough, and then, unless I'm sobbing in your arms, I don't want to keep going over the "how are you doing" thing. I left work early yesterday because I couldn't stand it anymore, but sushi, shopping and book group really helped lift my spirits.

My boss and my department head have the main priorities of finding us jobs before anything else. The possibilities within Ericsson here in Lund are slim to say the least and not much better at Sony Ericsson next door. However, I'm pretty confident that I can find something in the 4 months they are giving us to job hunt. I sent out 3 applications this morning for positions that sounds very well-matched to my abilities, one at Tetra Pak, where I would LOVE to work.

As my sister said, I kept ignoring the world's hints and now it's had to shake the ground under my feet to get my attention.

However, my grief over work, such at is, completely shrivels and pales in comparison to what some completely undeserving people out there are going through.

QOTD: "When you're going through hell, keep going!" (thanks, Kate!)

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