August 29th, 2004



My kids are entering the activity stage of their lives, the one that lasts forever or until the parents go insane and buy them mopeds. Luckily, Flyinge is so small that after this first year or so, they'll be able to walk to their various appointments. Karin has soccer starting tomorrow and will be doing ice-skating school with Anders this fall. Martin has Mini-Gang which is a music-play afternoon and has officially started Scouts. Anders was a long-time Scout and a leader, and many of his/our friends are people that he grew up with, was in Scouts with, and was Scout leader for. Scouts here in Sweden is co-ed, and set up slightly differently than in the U.S. For instance, the youngest kids are not Cub scouts, as they have an even younger class for 7-year-olds: they're Beavers.

Anders missed being involved with Scouts, and I think he's super pleased that Martin is interested and wants to join. He had both the kids in the pre-school "Scout" group at the age of 3, and told me even then that he would probably join up as a leader when Martin was old enough. So, last week they walked over to the old brick building surrounded by oak trees that is the Flyinge Scout House and signed up the two of them.

That's right. My husband is a Beaver Leader.

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