August 30th, 2004



I need to translate my resume and cover letter into Swedish. I could swear that I'd already done this not so long ago, but since I can't find the damn things anywhere, I guess not. argh. Yes, I'm fluent in Swedish, but that mostly means reading and speaking. I can write Swedish, but it's embarrassing, all my grammar faults and literal translations right there in black and white for people to snicker at, so I've managed to avoid it as much as possible since leaving Swedish For Immigrants. Time to suck it up and do the necessary here. Argh argh argh. Another job opening in the paper this weekend that fit my abilities, so I've fired off a resume (in English) along with a cover letter (in English) explaining why I am the best person on earth! for this job! Hire me!

I'm beginning to understand why the word for sigh in Swedish is suck.


Despite having gotten a job in Sweden, I've never done any serious job-hunting here, and am feeling my way forward like a blind person. I've asked others who HAVE been out there and gotten a list of websites to register with and publish my resume with and search jobs on. I've been extremely lucky in my life and have never had to search for a job the way I'm searching now. I'm also up against 3 other people that I CURRENTLY work with, for much the same jobs.

I'm sure that I'm somewhere within the 5 stages of grief or bereavement, even though this is a job and not a loved one that is passing, but I'm not sure where I am. Even though I'm taking positive steps, I feel a bit numb, and keep expecting someone to come in and announce that hey! no! it's okay! Ericsson changed their mind! I guess that qualifies as denial, right? Next up: Anger.

Upon googling the "5 stages of grief" I found an interesting article that insists the 5 steps are bogus and that the real work of resolving grief needs to start with Acceptance. The article insists that we go through these 5 steps every day, sometimes several times, and that it is not until we reach the Acceptance stage that anything can be done. Whatever.*

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Now, party season is over for awhile, and singing and club stuff take center stage. I dropped my brother off this morning at the ferry terminal so he could head home, which was a bit of a drag since he's a great houseguest and really livened up the last week and a half. I wasn't successful in talking him into getting his own LJ, though, more's the pity.

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*hahaha! me so funny! :D
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