September 1st, 2004



Summer vacation is over and Mosaic Minds is out with another issue. This time the theme is self-acceptance, be it self-acceptance of the body or the soul. Go check it out, it's one of our best issues ever!

As always, we are constantly in need of excellent writing for future issues. Our next theme should be a lot of fun (Fears and Phobias) so submit early if you want to be sure to have your work included (submission deadline is September 30).
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There's so much drama online these days. Where do people find the energy? If I disagree with something someone says, I usually keep it to myself and move on*. I don't feel this massive, pushing, labor-like pressure to vent it out and make someone feel bad or get defensive. I don't think everyone has to know what I think about everything. As far as I'm concerned, everyone is entitled to their own feelings and opinions and if they're wrong and backwards and need to get over themselves already, fine, whatever, but I don't feel it's my job to tell them so.

I'm not talking about LJ in particular, although god knows there is plenty of drama around here, although never among my friends because YOU are all well-adjusted, sane, intelligent people. :) I'm not even talking about anyone specific. I just see that because people are laying their lives out online, in all their white-bellied, goose-pimpled, creased and bitten glory, that they and the people reading them feel they know everything about each other and that it's OKAY to just dish it out.

For myself, I think there should be more helping hands and hugs, as hokey as that may sound, than slaps with cluesticks or derisive words.

I don't mean FOR ME, I mean IN MY OPINION. Which you are welcome to disagree with. And you're even welcome to TELL ME you disagree with me as long as you do so nicely.

I get lots of helping hands and hugs from people online and people I know and my family, and every once in a while a friend or family member (or myself when the occasional wallowing gets too over-the-top) will take it upon themselves to hand me that cluestick instead of beating me over the head with it, and that's how it should be.

Opinions are like children. We raise them up and nurture them and we hold them very dear to our hearts and occasionally they change or we change them or they drink the liquor and replace it with water when we're out for the evening.

Opinions are like chickens. Everything tastes like them and once in awhile you need to cut their heads off and let them go flapping around. Haaa! Okay, I don't really think that, but it sure made me giggle like a mad fiend.

What opinions are, are YOURS. I'm not saying that expressing yours is wrong or unsavory or inappropriate. And I'm not saying that you can't change someone else's opinion by telling them the way you see things and arguing your side in a calm and rational manner. I'm just saying that we might share an opinion and we might not, and the holding of any opinion is not necessarily wrong just because it happens not to be the opinion you hold.

And now I'm going to shut up about my damned opinions already and wait for the hugs to start flowing. I'll be over here flapping like a decapitated chicken if you need me.

How can one job-hunt when there are so many good articles, stories & reviews at Mosaic Minds to read? And poems. ahem.

Speaking of Opinions, Here's a Good One: Facts of Life

Yeah, What She Said: I have this thing sometimes where I imagine...

*or else I gossip about it with my girlfriends which is much more satisfying, really.
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