September 2nd, 2004



Number of Job-Search registrations: 11 and counting

Number of times I have revised my resume and/or cover letters: approximately 1 squillion

Number of jobs out there at this point in time that I'm qualified for/interested in: 3

Number of actual jobs applied for: 4

Number of resumes sent out for possibilities: 7

Percentage of chance any of those possibilities will actually turn into something viable: 40%

Number of times I wanted to scream in frustration during the all-employee meeting this morning: 3

Answer to question Can you guarantee there won't be any reductions before December 31st? at said meeting: No

Motivation: in the toilet

Attitude: somewhere between bruised and demoralized

Direction: onwards and upwards

View: looking forward to Friday

Things that never fail to cheer up my day: these and these
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    Bob Marley & The Wailers—Could You Be Loved