September 9th, 2004



Yesterday I wasn't getting any LJ comments, and then in the evening I could not get online at all, and let me tell you, it was ugly. PALPITATIONS. EXCESSIVE CLICKING & MOUSE ABUSE. HAND-WRINGING. SHAKING. ANGER, WILD SOBBING. hahahaha! Then I took a chill pill and went to bed.

Today, LJ appears to be down almost completely. I can't get in at all, due to maintenance which the support page says is supposed to last "10-15 minutes" but which by my clock is going on 2 hours. God knows if this entry will post when I try.

More and bigger butterflies/lifes gathering. Some of them are here for the singing and some for the interview today. eep! I've been trying to think of answers to possible interview questions, but my brain feels a little frozen. Everything that I say in English sounds good, but in Swedish I'm just a big braggart. :P At least I feel I have a good grasp of my positive and negative qualities and I'm very confident about the things I know I do well. And I'm good at winging it...what else do I need?!

How I Love That Man O' Mine Anders just sent me an e-card from the website wishing me good luck on the interview and telling me that I'm his #1. That killed at least a couple of fangy butterflies. Hearts are flying around my head!

If There's One Thing Americans Living in Sweden Have In Common, It's The Ability to Take Risks: Mosaic Minds gets a plug! Interview with Editor-in-Chief Carrie Pålsson on the inspiration for the e-zine by ParentNetSweden

Yay! Chapter Three Has Been Posted! Don't Think Twice by the talented bluepoppy
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Not A Good Sign: The first words out of the manager's mouth were "I don't want you for this Marketing Assistant job. You are WAY too over-qualified."

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