September 10th, 2004



The gorgeousness that is the weather here in Sweden is burning so bright, my brain hurts.

Yesterday I talked to my brother on the phone, while in a cloud of interview euphoria, and he mentioned that he hurt his knee playing baseball, and I mentioned in a family email that I hoped it felt better and he replied that I healed the knee last night just talking to him on the phone because it's all better now but his ankle, which was the body part actually hit by the baseball still hurts like hell, and I WAS OBVIOUSLY NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO HIM ON THE PHONE BECAUSE DAMN, MY INTERVIEW WENT WELL. Who cares about knees ankles when job prospects are shining brightly like the brightly shining Swedish sun?

Everyone in favor of my brother getting his own LJ raise your hand!

Incongruity of the Day: A loaf of bread, sans wrapper, lying upside down in the center of the Outer Lund Beltway. Dude, where's my bread?

Posting may be sporadic and sparse, not to say non-existent for the next couple of days because it is count-down T-minus 1 hour to leaving for the regional. And warming up. To sing. In front of 60 people. But you know what? That interview made me feel I could jump right over the moon. :) stagefright, schmagefright.

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