September 16th, 2004



I've been chasing rainbows.

Yesterday, there were rainbows over Flyinge, which is not an uncommon occurrence. The sun was setting and the rain was moving away from it, so that all of Flyinge was backlit and bright. Martin and Karin and I, in the car, had a long discussion about rainbows and the chances of following one to the end and what one would find there. Karin, not surprisingly, is fully confident that she could catch up with the end of a rainbow. Martin, more the realist, insists that there is no pot of gold to be found. He, like me, understands that what you find at the end of a rainbow is your heart's desire.

It poured early this morning, a sharp staccato drumming on the roof for about 10 minutes that ended as abruptly as it had arrived, in sync with my alarm clock.

As we drove to school we saw a rainbow playing hide-and-seek among the trees and houses, and after I dropped the kids off, I left Flyinge and followed the rainbow. This time, the sun was rising and it was moving toward the low blanketty cloud that stretched across the hills in front of me. As I turned onto the highway, I could see the perfect, sharply delineated rainbow stretched from the hill up to the skies. Next to it, about a mile away, was its own ghostly reflection, a shadow rainbow.

As the rain and I came together, up the hill, I passed several trucks and the resultant waterfall on my windshield was a dazzling curtain of diamonds. Suddenly the rainbow was right in front of my car. I chased it up the hill but I think I scared it away because it was gone by the time I got to work.

Gigantic House-Spider Count: 2 removed, 1 washed down the drain this morning after greeting me in the bathtub

I Want This Car With A Red-Hot Lust: Nouveau Beetle

somebodystrange found haiku in my last entry! I'm a poet and didn't know it!* Found LJ Haiku

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Give Me A Sign

Jonathon Livingston Seagull Ain't Got Nothing On You: Gulls

*Actually, I DO know I'm a poet, but the haiku were serendipitous. :)
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I just had a 2nd interview with Company A! She called me this morning and asked if I could come in this afternoon. It went GREAT!!!! I'm apparently the favorite candidate out of 4, and they've actually been re-thinking the position in the last 2 days since my first interview to make it more suitable for my profile! They have promised to get back to me with a decision/offer no later than Monday, and probably sooner. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
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