September 17th, 2004



How am I going to give up these Fridays? How? It doesn't bear thinking upon.

Anders climbed in bed with me some time after midnight, and shortly thereafter I woke up enough to say "snort! grzegle, urk?" and he reassured me that yes, he was home now. Then Karin climbed in bed with us some time much later after that and totally hogged the bed and all the covers, but she petted me on the face this morning and traced tickle lines around my eyes which made up for it.

I had to put a fleece AND a windbreaker AND mittens AND a woolen hat on Martin this morning before letting him out of the house. It's official, winter is on the way. But to ward it off a bit longer, go look at this: FLOG*.

On the Agenda Today: AWC website work, lunch in Lund, birthday present shopping for 2 of the 3 birthday parties that Karin has on her calendar this weekend; she has to be a pirate for one and a princess for another. Guess which one she didn't want to go to?

My So-Called Life:
  • Saturday: webwork, kid birthday chauffering
  • Sunday: all-day choir practice
  • Monday: Regional wrap-up & wind-down celebratory sushi dinner
  • Tuesday: hair appointment
  • Wednesday: choir practice
  • Thursday: Parent-Teacher meeting and Social Circle
  • Friday: AWC Lunch (sushi again, woot!)
  • Saturday: Pumpkin Patch, plus Anders leaves for the States

And Another Thing That Made Me Happy This Morning: Collapse )

*Flower Log, get it? haa! thanks for the link, Tracey!
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