September 22nd, 2004



It's windy today. REALLY windy. The wind is OUT to get us. It's trying to blow trees down and our collars up around our ears. It's trying to snatch things out of our hands. It's dancing up a storm.

An hour and a half of being grilled, but tenderly, as if they wanted me medium well, so I feel pretty good about interview the third. Have been assured that I should be hearing something before Friday. Don't know what to do about the other job possibility, but wait. Am thinking that maybe my choice will be made for me? Am also thinking about writing sentences that begin with actual pronouns, but nah.

I caved yesterday. I bought a best-seller. I have a thing about best-sellers. I don't want to buy them and I don't want to like them. Because I'm a snob, if you must know. Books that appeal to the greatest common denominator aren't usually books I want to read. If that many people like a book it can't be that good. And even if it IS good, it's not usually the KIND of book I like. Only once in a very blue moon am I proven wrong. I've been waffling about this particular book for a long time. My brother told me I'd like it even though it was a murder mystery thriller, and then Emily told me she was reading it and kept thinking about me, because the book kept reminding her of me and she knew I'd like it. And Camilla said I'd probably like it, too. Soooo, because I forgot the book I had just started the night before and needed something to read at the hairdresser yesterday, I went ahead and picked it up yesterday. I read 20 chapters at the hairdresser and later, after the kids were in bed, I went to bed myself at 9 because I was tired and not in the mood to do webwork, and ended up reading until 11 because I couldn't put it down! What's the book already?! The Da Vinci Code, of course.

Okay, You Asked For It: Donuts & Coffee Sung by the Regionettes (sorry it's not the whole song)

Wonderful, Wild, Brightly-colored Birthday Wishes to milly_bogtrot!
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