September 28th, 2004



I'm tired. Tired and sad. Sad and sick. Sick and tired. Things on my mind:
  • My throat hurts. Can NOT be sick right now.
  • I can NOT believe I dropped that GLASS bottle of orange Halloween glitter makeup on the TILE floor this morning
  • Will they EVER call?
  • I don't deserve some of my friends
  • Am I really going to tell the board that this is my last year as Editor for the AWC?
  • Why can't I go to bed at a decent hour?
  • Eh, it doesn't matter. Some nights I could sleep 15 hours and it wouldn't be enough
  • Why hasn't someone invented the matter transmitter yet?
  • What am I going to do if NEITHER of them offers me a job?
  • Did I forget anything for the Annual Meeting tonight? I know I must have. What did I forget?
  • Damn, I love this sweater.
  • Thank god for Tylenol cold medicine. The Swedes don't know what they're missing
  • My hand feels totally naked without my wedding rings
  • Maybe I should have another baby. haha! Just checking to see if you're still paying attention! :P
  • Do you suppose anyone would notice if I went home and took a nap at 10:18 a.m.?
  • What's for lunch? Hmmm...sushi sounds good
  • Current Music
    Aztec Camera—Walk Out to Winter