October 4th, 2004



2nd interview and test went well, I thought. They gave me 3 tasks to do and 45 minutes to do them in. I did them all without much problem, although of course I could have done better with more time. :D They have promised to let me know today whether they have succeeded in extending the job from a temporary one to a permanent one. I am not holding out much hope at this point, but at least now I have a contact at Company T and that could lead to something good in the future. :) Now I am off to ask questions and negotiate salary with Company A...wish me luck.

My throat is better and I'm feeling human again today, which is good since I have book group tonight.

I just realized that it is now officially less than a month to Halloween and I have to come up with some good costume ideas for myself and the kids (Anders has another engagement that weekend, grump). Any and all ideas are welcome, provided they don't require much sewing or much money. I'm trying to figure out how I can re-use costumes we've had in the past...hmmm...I kinda like this one, but then what do I do with the kids?!

Speaking of kids, what do you do when your child wants something with all his or her heart that is impossible* to give? I've mentioned before that my children were probably born into the wrong bodies, and yesterday Karin spent some time emphatically stating that she wished she were a boy. How to explain that it doesn't matter that she's a girl, when she can do anything she wants, all the things that boys do, and still be herself? I felt like Mother Bear quietly saying, "You can't have that wish, Little Bear," and it about broke my heart.

Rich and Golden, Glowing Gorgeous Birthday Wishes to gale_storm!

*I think it's a little too early to talk about sex-change operations. :P
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