October 17th, 2004



Dreary day of non-stop rain, lowering clouds, white mist, wet roads. Sleeping in helps. Ignoring the state of the house helps. Reading a good book when I should be cleaning helps. Butterflies in stomach are not for the concert today, but for the first day at a new job tomorrow. They start early, those butterflies, so they can really sink their fangs in. After the concert, the final song stays in my head for several hours. I have my own private mental chorus. Pi da me la!

I feel like an octopus. 8 arms waving around madly, each one full with something that needs to be done, with something I'm in the middle of, with something I don't have time for, with something I'm worried about forgetting.

Speaking of octopi, when we drove to Gilleleje last week, we encountered a very interesting Danish phenomenon along the sides of the tiny, curvy, motorcyle-friendly country roads. There were road signs proclaiming the high number of vehicular deaths each year in Denmark, red with huge white numbers and scary text, and then after them, there were the following signs with no explanatory text, just pictures:
  • a twisty black snake with road markings on his back
  • an octopus with 8 madly waving arms, none of which was on the steering wheel in front of him
  • a kangaroo with a pig in his pocket and some black slashs apparently meant to represent seatbelts
  • a smirking sleek brown shark cruising past some mellow-looking sea turtles
  • a pig with a clock instead of a snout
  • there was 1 other animal, but I can't remember what it was
While we all exclaimed over them and wondered out loud what they represented, our driver nearly drove off the road because he was looking at the signs, too. Imagine, please, the IRONY if we had crashed and died! *rolls eyes*

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