October 19th, 2004



Hours In Day + Things To Do = DOES NOT COMPUTE

redpirk, there's a problem now with meeting you on the 31st. They just moved the time of the Halloween party up to 4:30, which means I now have to be there at 2 p.m. to decorate. Do you want to come to the party? If so, would it be just you? You are very welcome to come as my guest, if you like (it's a family/kid thang, though, so be warned).

Excellent, if a bit un-PC*, rant about the societal changes leading to our current state of affairs in Sweden: Sick Leave

Really Great Book Site for Recommendations Based on YOUR Criteria: WhichBook.Net
(thanks to ozswede for the link)

*I don't care, but you've been warned, if you do.
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